Podcast Review

Podcasts are great for persons on the go, and in accordance with how very on the go I am, I consume a hefty pile of podcasts.  Many of these podcasts have been worthy enough for me to recommend to people of all shapes and sizes based solely on their high quality, regardless of topic.  Scads others have been pure wastes of bandwidth, and of course most fall somewhere in between.

So I’ve decided to start a “quarterly podcast review” (four times a year) to talk about all the podcasts to which I’ve given a fair chance recently.  In fact, I may as well start by naming my all-time favorites:

  • This Week in Science – what happened this past week in science? well…
  • JapanesePod101 – my secret weapon in Japanese fluency 
  • Lynchland by Liam Lynch – unbridled crazy-sexy-coolness from an adorable insomniac
  • Fitness Rocks – Dr. Monte Ladner reviews and comments on the latest diet and fitness research, and always finishes by wishing the listener a “great workout”.
  • Podrunner – Free nonstop, fixed-BPM workout music mixes, which you might need right after your Fitness Rocks episode.
  • Ask a Ninja – Free nonstop weirdness and social commentary by… A Ninja.  …the need for which might sneak up on you at ANY TIME!

This list names my all-time favorites as of May 10, 2008.  It isn’t likely to change, even if the authors get bored and stop putting them out, although it may be added to as I discover more great stuff.  All named podcasts are available for free download from the iTunes store. 

I was going to put links for each one directly into the iTunes store, but honestly I don’t want to maintain those links.  Plus you should go visit their websites, and tell ‘em Naomi sent you.  :)

If you have any suggestions for podcasts I should check out, please leave a comment and I’ll grab the latest episode (or an episode you recommend) right away or at my earliest convenience.  Keep in mind, though: my bias is towards topics like health, fitness, food, music, meditation, science (hard, popular, and everything in between), and comedy.

I am, shall we say, less-than-interested in topics like theology, radical activism, pseudoscience / superstition (except where it is getting debunked by scientists), or anything that’s asking me to please awaken my heart chakra to continue.

I am VERY interested in finding captivating podcasts regarding politics, business / entrepreneurialism,  social commentary, creativity and art.

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