About me

Oh my.  People are actually looking at this “About” thing.  Perhaps I’d better take it seriously?

VenixFlytrap is a handle (nickname) from a bygone era of my life, in which I did things like go to HOPE 2000 and stay up all night hacking the Gibson.  (that’s an in joke, you know.)

Since that time, I’ve gained and lost several jobs, started several companies and abandoned one or two, dropped many habits and invented some new ones.

This blogger’s been through a lot, and this blog doesn’t do a good job of representing her.  I’m working on that.


Presently I go by the handle “nthmost”.  It’s a contraction of my name, Naomi Theora Most.  (Yes, that is the legal name on my passport and driver’s license.)  I won’t go as far as putting links to all the social networks I’m on, but let’s just say that given that information, it’s pretty darn easy to find me on this here innernet thing.


Professionally (for income), I’m a film producer, entrepreneur, writer, promoter/marketer/publicist, and a recipe developer specializing in hypo-allergenic diets.

Non-professionally, I’m a singer, drummer, bass-player, guitarist, DJ, raw food / optimal nutrition enthusiast, occasional video game obsesser, world traveler, linguistics aficionado, armchair anthropologist, and (most recently) social networking junky.


I love rain, thunderstorms, dark and story nights, candles, huge omninous clouds, and epic heavy metal from Scandinavia.

I have a penchant for ponderousness.

I crave concision.