Resolved and Unresolved Pregnancy-Related Ailments

Nausea: Eat something starchy.  Rice Krispies with almond milk is now my major comfort food.

Heartburn: Eat pineapple. Fresh, not canned. Kombucha — really sour homemade stuff — also does the job, but moderation is key (about 2 oz should do it).

Side Pain while Sleeping: It’s the weight of the belly, apparently. I got relief by putting a beat-up old feather pillow under me, horizontally, filling the space just under my ribs down to my hips. So my side isn’t raised up more than half an inch, but my belly is lifted and supported by the bulge of feathers in front of me (sort of like what happens with these wedge pillows). It’s worked very well, and when I don’t set myself up like this, the pain comes right back.

All-Over Rashless Itching: Saved for the end because it really deserves its own section.

No cure yet, only ameliorations. The best solution for me has been to take a hot shower followed by allowing cold breezes on my uncovered, un-towelled-off body. That usually buys me 20-30 minutes to get to sleep.

What absolutely doesn’t help:

  • anti-histamines (whether OTC or prescription; tried Allegra for 7 days, no effect whatsoever, didn’t even make me drowsy)
  • lotions, oils, or sprays of any kind (most just made things worse)
  • trying to fall asleep early (the itch comes on whenever I’m relaxed… so if I relax early, I itch early too)
  • scratching (relief lasts for maybe 5 seconds)
  • acupuncture (though I didn’t give it a full try; only made it to 2/3 sessions)
  • “the tea” — an herbal infusion all the midwives and yoga teachers suggest as the pregnancy panacea. ¬†(I drink it anyway, but only because it’s a tasty way to get water and minerals in me.)

What helps a little:

  • deep stretching about an hour before bed (seems to reduce intensity & frequency of itches, but very variably)
  • getting strenuous exercise throughout the day
  • being really, really, REALLY fatigued (e.g. staying up to 4 or 5 AM… ahem…)
  • taking a hot shower (relief for about 20 minutes, sometimes long enough to fall asleep)
  • standing naked in a cold, breezy room (the cold overrides the itch, apparently)

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