Products I’ve Found Indispensible During Pregnancy

Belly Band

At my 16th week of pregnancy, I stopped in at my local maternity and baby shoppe, preloaded with dissatisfaction at the prospect of buying a whole maternity wardrobe, and found the Bella Band. This turned out to be the best $27 I’ve spent throughout pregnancy. And that includes the case of coconut water I bought to have something caloric and electrolytic to kickstart me on my way to work in second trimester.

This simple circle of stretchy fabric works exactly as advertised: it lets you get away with wearing pants that don’t even zip up for you anymore, well past a reasonable point of still wearing them.

One pleasant surprise for me was its belly support, especially around the 4th and 5th months where I was pulling my round ligaments left and right upon merely sneezing. I haven’t worn it every day — in fact, I believe I shouldn’t, because by letting my belly out and engaging my core muscles to “hold” my belly at least 50% of the time, I’m protecting my abdominal functionality and allowing my ligaments to the work they’re designed for. But for long, ill-advised hikes up and down SF’s Chinatown, the Bella Band has been indispensible.


RAW PINEAPPLE (not canned!)
Right: just fresh, raw pineapple. Around 5 months of pregnancy, I started getting heartburn fairly regularly. I tried Tums, which just made me nauseous. My enzymes just plain didn’t work.

Fresh pineapple is the only cure I’ve found for my heartburn. I eat roughly half a cup of good pineapple, which I’ve been fortunate to find at local markets here in the Mission whenever I’ve needed it, and it pretty much just goes away.

The only problem with pineapple is having a guy around who sees fresh pineapple — my medicine — as a treat. Well, at least that means he’ll volunteer to cut it up for us.

Stretchpants and Tunics

Leggings Plus Tunics = WIN

These Linen Maternity Pants… which look like they’re being phased out of the store. It’s a shame; the 2 different pairs of yoga pants I ordered from this place lose their stretch within 1 hour of wearing them, but these linen pants stay solid. I mean, better than solid: they make it so that I don’t have to wear the Bella Band to get that lovely feeling of belly support.

These pants look excellent under tunics and regular shirts alike, and because the waist is high, they’ve effectively extended my wardrobe to shirts I wouldn’t otherwise be getting away with.

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