Defense Against Post-Partum Amnesia

At the behest of a female friend at my partner’s workplace, I read a book called The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, or Everything Your Doctor Won’t Tell You, by Vicki Iovine. Frankly, I already know a lot that a doctor would never tell me. But I also know that I lack Girlfriends.

The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

So I gave it a go. Ended up devouring the whole tome in 2 or 3 hours. It was good for me in an echo chamber sort of way — reading obvious things in all-caps like, “CRAZY PEOPLE ARE THE LAST PEOPLE TO KNOW THEY ARE CRAZY” kinda hits the spot — but with a few “oh really?” sorts of things sprinkled in too.

But this passage from the chapter entitled “Pregnancy Insanity” has special significance and verisimilitude:

“Here is another bit of Girlfriend advice: if your friends who have been pregnant tell you that it was the most emotionally fulfilling and happiest time of their life, don’t believe them. Those kinds of comments invariably make you feel that something is wrong with you if you don’t feel equally ecstatic, and they are undoubtedly inaccurate. Some strange biological force gives women amnesia about pregnancy, so that they forget the less savory details and see the whole thing in a sort of rosy glow. This is just nature’s way of making sure that women get pregnant more than once; if you remembered too much, you might never voluntarily repeat the experience.”

Yes, it does seem that way. Of course, it would also seem to me that there are some much better neurological reasons for this to happen, such as the fact that everything progresses on such a tiny timeframe compared to the rest of human life, and also that when we are faced with a happy outcome (such as a healthy child), we are apt to “correct” our prior memories to match.

But no matter. The point is, start writing more. And so I shall. Because pregnancy, while interesting, has not been the glowy happy-go-lucky time you always hear about. Or when it was/is, it’s because I’ve WORKED FOR IT, dammit. (Which reminds me to polish off the pending blog post about Relaxation, which I based a 5-minute talk on recently.)

I’m not going to do a full auto-expose here — there’s quite a bit I don’t really want to share with just anyone, and probably shouldn’t. But I might post a few sensitive things in passworded posts which will show up as Protected. If you want access, let me know. The qualifications are that you are female (or if male, be related to me by blood or marriage), that the post is tagged “pregnancy” or “post-partum”, and that “TMI” is not in your active vocabulary.

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