Casein-Free Gluten-Free Beef Stroganoff

Tonight’s dinner, a straightforward beef stroganoff with a few diet-imposed substitutions, was Beef Stroganoff — and it got many thumbs up from both the meat-and-potatoes guy and his gourmet gal (me). That last fact is truly notable, so I am making a note of this recipe and how I prepared it.

I started with Elise’s beef stroganoff recipe on, using 1.5 pounds of beef rather than 1 pound, which worked out just fine, though I didn’t have access to sirloin or tenderloin. Some advance marination might have been nice to keep the beef softer, but the texture was really quite good anyway. I should mention that I only browned the beef on the sides — it was quite pink in the middle.

For the sour cream, I instead used this vegan MimicCreme stuff I’d never tried before, which is based on almonds and cashews (hooray, no soy!). [I've been wondering for years when the culinary industry would figure out to use nuts instead of soy for milk-like products. No contest!] I also used about 1 tsp of fresh lemon to add in the sourness that the MimicCreme lacked.

I didn’t have tarragon, so I simply omitted it and ended up adding fresh parsley. I wouldn’t call that a substitution, but it threw in some of that “fresh herb” taste it seemed to want.

The nutmeg added to the mushrooms was a huge win. Josh mentioned he was enjoying the nutty undertones of the not-sour-cream that I used, but when I admitted the use of nutmeg (which he usually finds off-putting), he and I agreed that was probably what he was tasting.

These rice flake noodles formed the starch portion of our meal. (I bought ours from Duc Loi Supermarket on Mission for $1.69 and used the whole bag.) They curled up into tubes when boiled, had a good egg noodle-like texture, and soaked up the sauce nicely.

My final additions were thin slices of yellow pepper and some just-barely-cooked green beans. They didn’t exactly “match” the meal, but it was good to have the healthy color mixed in.

But the sauce! Ohh, the sauce. Somehow I managed to the salt just right, and it was all creamy and beefy and, yes, a little bit nutty. It smothered everything in naughty hefty deliciousness.

Being borne of butter, cream, and beef, it didn’t take a huge bowl of this dish to fill us up. There are at least 2 more big portions awaiting our hunger in the fridge.

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