The Cost of Deduction

Apparently it costs $1,012 USD to determine that you don’t have bile salts in your blood (to rule out cholestasis).

Or was that the premium for being seen by an OB/Surgeon over in Labor & Delivery at St Luke’s, as it’s listed on this insurance claim item?

Oh, but wait a minute — I never actually spoke to or even SAW a doctor that day. It was all nurses.

Better yet: the next nurse I talked to, which happened to be on the phone, called me to say that my blood test results were back, and I’m “slightly anemic”. No mention of the bile test results, until I told her that was the whole point of the test.

Super. I’m still itchy, losing a lot of sleep, and not a single medical professional has been able to keep my file straight or give me advice beyond “have you tried cortisone cream”. And they’re charging me hundreds of dollars for it.

Fuck this noise.

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