For All It’s Not

So, it’s not cholestasis of pregnancy. The labs found no traces of bile salts in my blood.

I guess that’s good (I’m not a fan of stillbirth). But it leaves me with the possibilities of “really dry skin” and “some other horrible thing”. I find it hard to believe this is merely a dry skin issue, as I pass the scratch test and I don’t have symptoms (as much) during the day.

The midwives suggested benadryl and cortisone. I’m sorry, but, duh — if those things had worked, I wouldn’t have requested the blood test for cholestasis and spent nearly 7 hours in aggregate at the hospital to figure this thing out. I would instead be asking for an allergy test.

The day I got this news, I took myself to Rainbow Grocery and bought a moderately expensive “calming” moisturizer and a nice plain apricot kernel oil to completely butter myself up in. I’ve been using this combination of things for the past few nights. I’ve been sleeping a little better, but I’m not sure whether to chalk that up to the products or to my inner resolution to stop waiting for the medical establishment to deliver me a solution.

Regardless, I’m still kept awake far more than I deserve. The hospital scheduled me an appointment with a dermatologist for next Friday. I’m trying very hard to keep myself from thinking it’s going to be a total waste of time.

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