Refusing to Brew

At Alameda Natural Grocery yesterday, I encountered a family man buying two cases of Synergy Kombucha, along¬†with many baskets of produce and several gallons of raw milk — clearly a family with a routine grocery list of staple items they buy regularly in bulk. ¬†They were hurriedly placing things from their cart onto the conveyor belt to check out, with the wife running to and fro to grab more items they’d forgot.

Their hurry was evident, but as a kombucha brewer I couldn’t help but comment, “wow, you must love that stuff!”

“Oh yes,” answered the man, “it’s like our soda.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed, growing curious, “you drink that much of it and don’t brew it yourself?”

The man suddenly took on a slightly suspecting look, as if I were about to accuse him of something. “You mean with the jar in the attic and the weird pancake and all that?”

I chuckled. “Well, sure. I don’t keep mine in the attic, more like the library. It’s pretty clean.”

“The library, eh. Well no,” said the man, “we don’t brew it. Ick. No thank you.”

I couldn’t resist prodding. “So you drink that much of it but you won’t brew it? Huh!” Wanting to soften the interaction, as I noticed the man turning away to coordinate with his wife to make sure they had everything they needed, I added, “Didn’t mean to bother you, I was just curious!” He looked a bit relieved.

Interesting. A family completely sold on the concept of kombucha, so enamored that they’ll pre-buy their kombucha in boxes to supply them with a $3 bottle every day, complete with active yeast bits floating around and all, but not willing to brew it themselves for ickiness reasons! That’s a cross-section of the kombucha aficionado market I hadn’t imagined.

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