Twitter Theory: nthmost twitter manifesto

It’s my first video log. VLOG! I have a “serious” camera, but I decided to “keep it real” and just use the webcam on my laptop.

I’m well aware I need a haircut, a kick in the pants, and a stern talking to. And yeah, there’s some glare on my glasses from the screen. TOO BAD!

Nthmost Twitter Manifesto

What’s great about Twitter is that it’s like a party, and the type of party you’re at is defined by who you’re following, who’s following you, and how you choose to use this platform.

Maybe you’re at a sports party and you’re trading stats, betting on performance, and ordering pizza with weird toppings.  Maybe it’s a family reuniun.  Maybe it’s like a total cafe scene where you’re surrounded by underground art and obscure music.

Mine is a cocktail party. I want to be at a party where I’m engaging in conversations with wicked smart people and learning a lot, sharing ideas, and sometimes just being clever for the sake of witty banter. That’s me.

I share links and post pictures either to start conversations or to contribute to the conversations that are happening around me.  I have strong opinions and I want to encourage other people to have strong [well-reasoned and interesting] opinions and to participate in a discussion through them.

I’m not the type who’s documenting the minutiae of her life. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just not doing that.

I can be noisy sometimes, so you might wanna turn off the mobile notifications for me. I very rarely twitter about where I am, and if I want your attention specifically, I’ll send you a Direct Message.

Finally, I do not automatically Follow people back. I do check out every single one of your profiles, though, to see if you’re having the kind of conversations I want to get into. If you just have 1 message posted and it’s a link to something I’ve seen a billion times… nuh-uh. nope.  Just sayin’.

–Naomi Most, March 14, 2009

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