Non-News: Fox News Invents Controversy (some more)

I cried tears of joy listening to Obama’s inaugural speech, particularly when it came to his landmark acknowledgement of “nonbelievers” as a valid segment of the population (being one myself). 

Along comes Fox News to assert that there were people offended by this, then gets Mike Huckabee — a consummate Southern Baptist whose 2008 campaign ads quote him as saying “Faith doesn’t just influence me; it really defines me” — to commentate on behalf of Obama.

Now that’s a humorous anticlimax to their invented non-issue if I’ve ever heard one.

This video on YouTube does a great job of dissecting the tactic that clever opinion-shapers can use to invent an imaginary issue: basically, run a news story from the point of view that the issue already exists and everybody knows about it already.


I stop short at speculating on motives for that kind of “reporting”.  It’s just not worth the brain cells, which could be better spent on coming up with clever lolcatz captions.

Invented controversy annoys me enough to just turn the TV off, and it’s a huge reason why I eventually stopped tuning in at all.  The last time I voluntarily turned on American news television and watched for more than 10 seconds was when the World Trade Towers fell in 2001.

Im in ur newz, distortin ur factz.

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