Mugworting It Up

I’ve got a lump of mugwort awaiting my conversion of it into a tea or a perhaps a smudge.  Allegedly this will enhance my dreaming experiences, make it more likely I’ll have wicked lucid dreams and whatnot.

This is not exciting to me, because I seem to have a lucid dream just about every other night.  Well, morning, more like.  They happen in the liminal in-betweens as the brain is half-awakening.  And most of them are quite solidly in the “wicked awesome” category, complete with soundtrack by Tobias Sammet.

I’m really more interested in staying up all night and then mugworting it up and seeing what kind of daydreams may come.  Looks like I’m about 75% of the way to morning already.  It’s nice to be ahead with one’s goals.

[Now give this post 24 hours -- I will rank #1 on Google for the phrase mugworting it up ] and I did, within 6 hours. -ed

And while I’m on the subject of somewhat-mind-altering substances…

The other day I imbibed roughly 1/4 cup of ganja oil that had been slowly simmered into a cardamom-ginger-cinnamon hot chocolate.

Damn tasty, but somehow, feeling like my head was made of 100 pounds of stuffed animal stuffing, and wanting nothing more than to crawl under blankets and listen to Rush (which I did), and then passing out (which happened), were not really the mind-blowing results I was promised.

I don’t regret giving the ganja try, but in the future I will simply listen to Rush and drink hot chocolate.  Maca, cacao, and prog rock are still my mind-altering substances of choice.

Oh yeah, and sleep-deprivation.

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