The Modern Power Porridge

I was intrigued to watch this San Francisco nutritionist and chef, Jeffrey Lawton, prepare his “power breakfast” — something like a Chinese congee, except with three ancient grains instead of rice, and fresh fruits in addition to stock dried fruits.  His explanation of the benefits of and reasoning behind each ingredient was fun to hear… mostly because that’s exactly the way I talk.  Hah.

He advocates sprouting seeds for greater nutritional benefit. He’s also apparently a proponent of raw dairy, including raw butter (I wonder what he thinks of raw eggs), and he’s evidently chosen all the ingredients in this porridge with respect not to their total protein content but to their amino acid ratios.  All of this tells me that he’s on the forefront of dietary research and takes nutrient content and absorbability issues seriously.

Anyway, I am not very raw at the moment (eating okonomiyaki two to three times a day has that effect on one’s ratios), still coasting off of the 80% rice diet I ate in Japan.  So I may end up trying this.  I already have most of those ingredients on hand, and it looks delish.

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