We landed in Narita International Airport at 16.30pm yesterday afternoon.  After picking up luggage and declaring ourselves and all that rubbish, I scrambled around the airport assembling all of those pieces of equipment and data that establish a person in the information-environment of a place — currency, cell phone, and directions from where you are to where you can rest your head for the night. 

Narita express tickets took us expediently to Shinagawa station.  On the train I sent my American phone a voicemail and a text message from my new keitai denwa rental, and suddenly experienced the kind of far-from-home feeling I didn’t really get in Australia.

Very little English is spoken here — it’s quite challenging.  (I love it.)  I had heard that before, that fewer people “than you would expect” speak English, but I’ve been pleased to find this the case.

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