definitely a down day

As of 5 weeks ago, I’ve started actively body-shaping using present body fat calculations as my guide and the BodyBugg device as my accountability.  I exercise 6 out of 7 days a week (I intend to work out every day but allow myself one “I don’t feel like it” / “circumstances being what they are” day per week), including a nice regimen of strength training-to-muscle-failure with heavy weights and low resistance.

I love the way my back has become far more intricately muscled.  It also doesn’t hurt when I wake up anymore (unless I’ve crashed on an errant couch).

My knee creaking and pain is down quite a bit even when I’m not taking Monavie — DEFINITELY a result I was hoping for.  Having good musculature around the knees, built in the correct shape, is the true solution for knee alignment problems.  It also helps not to sit the way I commonly do: with one knee bent on my chair and my bum atop my foot.

So far, I’ve seen the most inch-shrinkage around my hips and thighs.  Not quite the effect I was going for, but I seem to be programmed to retain abdominal fat first.  This doesn’t really concern me.

The only trouble is, I’m having a really hard time releasing fat at the rate I had calculated out.  To make a long story short, I’m adopting the Up-Day-Down-Day diet, based on the theory of calorie restriction.  You can read about the way it works, why it works, and then leave me a futile comment on why I’m going to die if I eat this way.  I’ve fasted for 10 days on nothing but lemonade, okay?  I’m not going to die.

Anyway, the reason for this post?  I’m hungry.  I’ve eaten 513 calories today (roughly 25% of my normal intake), and I’m HUNGRY.  *sigh*

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