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So. I’m having my teeth “done”.

My mouth has been a source of pain and embarrassment for many years. I hate my teeth. All they seem to want to do is decay, no matter how I treat them. And every dentist I’ve been to has treated my mouth like a long-term source of income. I have for a long time known about several of the problems in my mouth, and have felt utterly helpless to get them repaired before they worsen.

The cycle of horror goes something like this: I go in to get something fixed — generally something that’s reached an urgent stage. The dentist says, “oh, you have these other cavities happening.” I say, “ok, can we get those fixed ASAP?” The dentist says, “Well, we’ll watch those.”

So far I’ve “watched” half a dozen of my teeth decay themselves to the point of needing crowns or root canals, and it seems like the only way I can get a dentist’s attention to get an appointment (in the Bay Area) is to tell them I’m in horrible pain and it’s terrifically urgent.

Several of these problems worsened all at once this past year, to the point where chewing has become an exercise in extreme focus and food manipulation, in order to avoid the painful parts of my mouth. One such location was a back molar where two old were loosening. The last dentist I was seeing regularly said, “we’ll watch that.” A few months later they fell out, and about a week later I was feeling a bit of pain. I increased my oral hygeine regimen (mouthwash after every brushing, instead of just mouthwash after my evening brushing), to no avail it seems. The tooth starts getting sensitive to heat, and I think to myself, “here we go again.”

This is the major reason I’m in Budapest. When I come back, I will have had 2 root canals (one of them on the tooth from which the fillings fell out), 1 titanium implant, a whole mess of fillings and inlays, and probably at least one wisdom tooth extraction. Oh, and… a bonus procedure I haven’t decided if I want yet.

My father asked, “how did your mouth get into such a mess?” Fuck if I know. I brush and mouthwash like a champ. I don’t floss (I suck at it, always injure myself), but I use a dental pick when I can.

This ordeal is actually causing me to rethink my diet in terms of inflammation. I eat a predominantly raw diet, lots of fruit, tons of greens, and as much raw fish as I can get. I eat steak from time to time as well. But I also definitely overdo it on the dried fruit, and even though I brush and mouthwash after these things, the residual pro-inflammatory effect may be tipping the scales in a bad way.

I have lots of other reasons for thinking an anti-inflammatory-geared diet might help me quite a bit.

Time to get serious about Monavie.

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