off to hungary

Tomorrow — roughly 16 hours from now — I will be on a plane bound for Budapest.

I stayed up all last night, well into the morning, playing Sim City Societies. This game really sucks.

It amazes me my capacity to keep doing things when I come to realize they are dumb, to keep eating things well beyond my appetite or even taste for them, and to live with pain I know I would be better off heeding. A love-hate characteristic, for sure.

I can hold shikodashi as long as you like. I will eat an armful of lemons, rind included, if you tell me I must.

But I can also sit there in front of the computer, knowingly wrecking my eyesight and giving myself a headache with bad posture, thinking, “man this game is stupid”… and STILL go on playing it for hours.

That is not good. That part of my stoicism must die.

Oh, Budapest. I have to pack. I also have to clean out the fridge like I promised my housemates. There’s also this little matter of Flash programming I should finish and bill for, so I can pay for what I’ll be doing in Budapest. But that’s a story for next time.

What I will listen to while I clean and pack: Alex Wright’s seminar at Long Now [] on the Deep History of the Information Age (August 2007).

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. Go on Fear Factor, why don’t you? I can’t. I’m not bimbo, buxom, or Brazilian enough.

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